A Farewell and Some Advice to Keep You Moving Forward

It’s a huge step for all of us, but it also feels like a natural evolution. It helps a lot that I think Darrell is going to crush it. 🙂

But DH Ads has never been about only one person. (OK, apart from those very early days when Klark kept it all afloat himself.) And we still have advice and strategies for you!

On Monday, Stefanie Flaxman helped us through a painful moment — when a prospect chooses a competitor over our solution. And she explores the ways we can build trust in our prospects, becoming a complete package that they prefer over any other option.

On Tuesday, Robert Bruce talked about a brutal problem that writers face — especially deadline-driven content marketers who know that they need to create material people care about: What am I going to write about next?

Robert quotes one of our favorite copywriters, Eugene Schwartz:

“You don’t have to have great ideas if you can hear great ideas.” – Eugene Schwartz

This is one of our favorite ways to write business-building content … and kick writer’s block to the curb.

Starting next week, the mighty Stefanie Flaxman will be taking over the Weekly. I know you’ll be as kind and generous to her as you always have been to me!

Until we meet again. 🙂

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