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dhads stands for first-class performance marketing

dhads is part of the dh network and was founded by web specialist Dominicus Hantke in 2012. With a small office in Zittau and a constantly fast growing client base, dhads is gradually becoming firmly established in the world of online marketing. Our range of products is constantly growing. If you would like to join us , feel free to get in touch with us.


Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, USA, Russia, France, Spain, Australia, Czech Republic, China, Italy. Brazil, Luxembourg, Romania, Poland, Norway, Netherlands

Marketing and version

Dhads is a online marketer for performance marketing, which specializes in display advertising. We're connecting advertisers and publishers and are offering a strong performance marketing solution for both sides. Billing can be done on CPM or CPC basis.

If display marketing on CPM or CPC basis is part of your marketing area, you have interesting advertising space or want to start a campaign, we would be interested in working with you – as advertiser or publisher – we are good at working with both sides.

Dominicus Hantke
Sale Manager
+49 3583 69927 76
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